A full day jam-packed with all the skills to have you up and running with your own online blog.


  • Topshelf -Tauranga

  • Te Akau Mauri - Rotorua Library


  • January, 2020

  • February, 2020


  • Angie Belcher & Ocean Mead

At last, a Beginners Blog Workshop targeted to those with little digital or technical skill. We all know that the key to success for any writer, artist or business is to have a digital presence. But for many of us, navigating YouTube tutorials or online courses is simply too confusing… Enjoy face-to-face instruction, and get your blog live in no time.


What you’ll learn:



The background of blogging, identifying the elements of a great blog, defining your audience, and understanding what YOU want your reader to do.



Creating captivating content, gathering information: testimonials, articles, press releases, affiliate partners and selecting the pieces you need to make the most effective blog. Learn how to grow your following, and how to inspire them to action: (participate, purchase, download or enquire).



Building your Blog. Step by step instruction to set up your blog using Squarespace. Define your keywords, titles and tags. Add photos, videos, internal links and hyperlinks. Learn how to promote and build brand authority. Understand the basics of search engine optimisation (SEO).