Three information – packed hours including both written and practical activities to set you on the road to becoming a published travel writer


  • The Arts Village - Rotorua

  • The Artery - Tauranga


  • January 25, 2020

  • February 8, 2020


Angie Belcher

We are a generation of global travelers seeking knowledge and experiences for work and for pleasure. Arriving back home is not the end, it is the time to reflect and share, and if you’re really committed, it can also be a way to finance your next exotic adventure. There is no better time to write. Someone has to research and write the thousands of articles needed for print and online content. Why shouldn’t it be you? Join me on the next workshop to start you journey into the world of travel writing.


What you’ll learn:



What makes a topic interesting, finding the angle, identifying markets in terms of content, style, format. Writing that catchy opening, building and holding interest in the body of the article. Supplying side bars and recourse boxes.



Interviewing techniques and using quotes. Taking great photographs to accompany your article. Writing captions, understanding copyright and permission releases.



Getting that article into print or online. Approaching markets, pitching your ideas / mastering the art of the query letter. The pros and cons of queries, commissions and sending unsolicited articles. Answering the most important questions: Will I make any money? Get free opportunities? Or, just have the pleasure of seeing my work in print?